While we speak of the future, I cannot bear to meet your eyes and stare at the wall instead. It’s there I realise that much like the wall, my heart has developed cracks of its own.


Tidbits from the Brain- Week 1 Bonus

Somewhere between indiscriminate mistrust and naive loyalty lies adulthood.

Tidbits from the brain is a new attempt of mine at sorting out all the material that keeps floating around in my cluttered brain. I hope to make at least weekly posts with one or two liners that pop into my head every now and then. They’ll talk about friendships, relationships and what I’ve learnt from life in the short score of years that I’ve been around. A lot of them will be inspired by the books I read and the people I know and not just my own life, so don’t imagine an emo-chick who sits in misery all day churning out dark rhyming poetry ( well I can’t deny that I didn’t have a phase like that, but seriously that’s behind me now, no poetry).

This was my maiden post in this segment and I hope that it resonates with at least a few of you readers. Tata!

Tidbits from the Brain-Week 1